Shifting the Paradigm on the Value of Marketing Operations: The O2 Story.

11:30 AM - 12:00 PM

In 2015, O2’s Marketing Operations team was feeling the pain that many B2B enterprise organizations experience as their business grows and pushes the boundaries of existing marketing infrastructure. There was an overall lack of standards across campaign processes and data management; event lead capture and follow-up was mostly manual; a dependency on a one-way integration from their CRM ( to their MAP (Eloqua) critically impacted their lead management process; agency and partner relationships were completely decentralized; and more.

It was clear that to most effectively scale and support pipeline and revenue growth, a more strategic, measurable approach was needed. In the face of the transformation needed to support a rapidly growing business, O2’s Marketing Operations leader, Paul Stevenson, was confident they held a competitive advantage to take on the challenge – that advantage? The Marketing Operations team itself.

In this presentation, you will learn more about what it takes to not only move the proverbial needle but completely shift the paradigm on the value of a more mature Marketing Operations team within a leading B2B enterprise organization.

Over the next four years, O2’s talented Marketing Operations team embarked on a massive transformation journey, centered on the team’s passion and belief in O2’s business success. Partnered with Sojourn Solutions, the team aligned their journey to a strategic framework allowing them to more collaboratively understand and meet the needs of their business – from challenge analysis to audits to micro-strategies to managing change to measurement.

Paul will show you:

  • O2’s Marketing Operations strategy and planning process required for your own transformative journey within a B2B enterprise organization.
  • Key successes and learnings as the Operations team worked through the massive shifts in campaign management, data management, lead management and more and how you can learn from their endeavors.
  • Valuable insights into the change management – arguably the most soul-sucking track – of any business transformation journey
  • How O2 tracks and measures effectiveness and financial performance to ensure peak optimization and how you can implement this into your business.
  • How you can successfully balance  team members and consultant talent to accelerate your results.
  • What comes next in the transformation journey.


Head Of Marketing Operations,O2 (Telefonica UK)
Managing Partner,Sojourn Solutions