The integration leaks in your tech stack – the giant productivity suck

4:10 PM - 4:40 PM

B2B marketers have never been under more pressure to deliver – and there’s never been so much reliance and expectation on martech platforms to make that happen.

Yet all too often foundational martech platforms do not work as promised, leaving marketers to resort to ‘bandaid tech’ and manual processes to fill the gaps and shore up the stack. This is stressful, expensive and highly inefficient.

But in the meantime, the very same marketers will pretend to the outside world that all is well with their tech stack and that they are smashing targets and delivering ROI.

In this session, Maureen Blandford will reveal the sometimes ugly reality of martech platform integration (or lack of it), what it means to marketers, what they can do about it, and (most important of all) what steps they can take to avoid it altogether.

You’ll learn:

  • How to see through the hype and set realistic expectations for martech integration
  • The typical martech integration pitfalls – and how to avoid them
  • How the industry is fuelling its own hype cycle
  • How to hold the vendors accountable to their promises
  • How to own and manage your own reality – rather than living up to an unviable fantasy

VP Marketing,Community Brands