How to be a martech hero – and get the glory

10:30 AM - 11:00 AM

Gareth Case is a marketing leader who witnessed first hand the explosion of B2B martech experiencing both the enormous benefits and significant challenges that this can bring.

In this session, Gareth will share with you his key learnings from a decade at the sharp end of rapid evolution, pragmatic deployment and seat-of-the-pants learning.

You’ll get the chance to learn from the various radically different scenarios and martech conundrums he has faced along his journey – from building a new stack at a greenfield company with no pre-existing martech (Xchanging), to a global corporate with a bewildering array of tech available, (CSC) to a pre-existing highly efficient stack that needed to be tuned for accelerated growth (Redstor).

You’ll hear from eye-opening real-world examples of businesses that got their tech stack right, and some that got it badly wrong. And you’ll learn from Gareth’s own battle-born experience of:

  • How to navigate the crazily complex martech landscape and make the right technology choices.
  • How to get financial and emotional buy-in to your tech stack, from your business.
  • How to ensure your martech aligns to your strategy, goals, and objectives.
  • How to create a team structure that’s the right fit for your tech stack.
  • How to max your martech ROI.
  • How to elevate your personal brand within the business and be a martech hero.