4 tailored streams to help you get your marketing stacked – whatever your industry or objectives. You’ll have access to a huge choice of targeted, practical learning and inspiration.

  • Stream 1i
    Get Stacked features a carefully curated, high-calibre agenda of keynote speakers sourced from the leading names and influencers in the B2B space. The result is an unrivalled programme of the most inspiring and enlightening speakers and presentations that provide an exciting and motivational day of learning and development.  
  • Stream 2i
    Launched in 2014, InTech – now a key breakout stream at Get Stacked – is for marketers at the forefront of the B2B tech sector. Attendees to this stream will be looking for the latest strategies, tactics, ideas, and inspiration for creating growth-driving marketing. Stream sponsored by MOI Global   
  • Stream 3i
    Early stage
    This stream is for people who have:
    • Minimal and adhoc automation.
    • No defined responsibilities.
    • No formal martech strategy or plan.
    • Using less than 10% of the features available on tech platforms.
    • Limited integration and evaluation.
    • Historic customer data and insight.
  • Stream 4i
    Mid maturity
    This stream is for people who have:
    • A martech (including automation) strategy and plan in place.
    • Adopted some platforms and tools in a tech stack.
    • Used less than 50% of the features available on tech platforms.
    • Lead quality management and nurturing automation in use.
    • Some personalised, automated campaigns in place across some channels.
    • Some integration in place.
    • Targets and success evaluation in place.
    • Real-time customer insight and interaction automation.
    Stream sponsored by Sojourn
  • Stream 5i
    This stream is for people who have:
    • Fully automated, personalised, cross-channel, cross-lifecycle CX.
    • Full tech-stack integration and single customer view.
    • Tech culturally embedded in organisation.
    • Predictive data modelling and AI in use.
    • Big data analytics.
    • Continuous analysis and performance optimisation.